Background and Membership

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business was founded in March 1996 as a non-profit organization. The Chamber aims to serve owners of small and medium-sized businesses, professional practices as well as academics engaging in small business research activities in Hong Kong.  Any person who is interested in small and medium trade, profession or business in Hong Kong can also apply for associate membership of the Chamber. Small and medium enterprises (SME) are defined by the number of staff employed.  Manufacturing enterprises with fewer than 100 employees and non-manufacturing enterprises with fewer than 50 employees are regarded as small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Hong Kong.



The Chamber represents and protects the interests of SMEs in Hong Kong.  We aim at unifying owners of SMEs for promoting a better business environment.  We also strive to broaden local and international network for exploring business opportunities.  Besides, we are dedicated to developing new knowledge, enhancing business skills and productivity to strengthen our competitiveness.


Vision & Mission Statement

We strive to achieve excellence in facilitating the continuous growth and prosperity of the Small and Medium Business (SMB) Sector in Hong Kong as a non-governmental association.


We, representing owners of Small and Medium Businesses in Hong Kong, are committed to:

• Reflect concerns and opinions to policy makers for the best interest of the Small and Medium Business Sector;

• Collect, analyze and disseminate up-to-date information about the business opportunities and challenges for enabling (SMB) to take responsive and proactive strategic actions;

• Update business knowledge, management and technical skills through educational and training activities;

• Build up network with local and overseas organizations for business collaboration;

• Help projecting a professional image of the Chamber and its members for enhancing goodwill with global business communities;

• Create and maintain harmonious social relationships amongst SME owners/managers in Hong Kong.



In order to achieve the above objectives, the Chamber organizes various activities to satisfy the needs of our members, including reflection of opinions to the government, organizing academic seminars, business talks, overseas visits and trade delegations, holding recreational and fellowship programs and publishing newsletters, etc.


Members’ Rights

All members are eligible to participate in activities organized or co-organized by the Chamber.  Through active participation, members can achieve the following:

  • Reflect our concerns and interests to public policy makers for promoting a better business environment;

  • Share business experience and build up connections with owners of various sectors, local and overseas, for promoting fellowship and exploring business opportunities;

  • Gain business knowledge, modern management skills, and business & market intelligence for enhancing one’s competitiveness.


The Chamber cordially invites all SME owners to join us, as we believe that the unity of all SMEs would magnify our strengths for the betterment of the Hong Kong community.  Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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